MTS Notify: The quickest way to know.

Get real-time attendance data right to your smartphone.


  • Receive immediate notifications of the Arrival and Departure of your child or children from their before school or after school program
  • Transmit emergency notifications
  • Transmit notifications by Groups (Sports, Fields Trips, etc.)
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much extra does it cost our Organization?
Nothing.  Push notifications are included in the price of our regular upgrade program.

How much does it cost a Parent, Guardian, Staff or Board member?
The MTS-Notify app for iOS devices or Android devices is a $3.99 one time purchase and there are NO ads in the app.

Will my phone be charged for text messages?
No.  The app does not utilize SMS text messaging.

What information is sent?
Here are examples of the information sent:
John Smith checked IN to General Attendance at 2:15PM
John Smith checked OUT of General Attendance at 4:54PM
The Northside facility is currently in lockdown.
The Soccer team will return to the Northside facility at 8:00PM
The Northside facility will be closed on Tuesday due to inclement weather.

James Adams checked IN to Staff Hours at 2:02PM
James Adams checked OUT of Staff Hours at 7:12PM

Statistical Information such as Average Daily Attendance, Enrollment, Number of Guidance Records, Number of members attended in a time frame, Total of Charges and/or Payments in a time frame and MORE…

How does it work?
MTS now uses a cloud-based service to distribute messages to groups or individuals. Upgrades to various sections of MTS including Member Contacts and Quick Entry enables MTS to send messages to the cloud service that then distributes the messages to the right people.

Is it Secure?
Yes notifications travelling from MTS to the Cloud and then to Smartphones is encrypted.

Who receives the messages?
Your organization decides which parents/guardians will receive which messages.

How are the messages triggered?
MTS can be configured to have Quick Entry automatically send Notifications as members scan IN to and OUT of General Attendance.  Group messages like emergency notifications and messages going to smaller groups like sports league members are sent manually.

What else does the App do?
A history of received messages can be viewed on the App, as well as other general information about the App.

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