Field trips are every Tuesday and Thursday. Some are in town, some are further out, but all are fun. Club members, make sure you arrive to the Club on time for your group’s trip. Don’t forget your Club shirt and sunscreen. If you are a parent or guardian, we are always looking for more adults to join us and chaperone for trips. All you have to do is complete our Volunteer Application Form and read the Chaperone Guide and then call (715) 627-1389 or email Info for this Tuesday’s trips is below.

White Lake (1st - 8th grade Groups)

Members will enjoy the sun in White Lake. They will spend time fishing, swimming, and playing cool games with their friends.

Depart: 10 AM  Return: 3 PM

Items: Club Shirt, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, fishing poles (optional)

Note: Please be sure that your kid(s) arrive to the Club wearing their sunscreen! Please keep fishing poles and tackle gear at the front desk upon arrival.

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