Board Of Directors

Boys & Girls Club of Langlade County


Brian Millar – Vice President Member Solutions

CoVantage Credit Union
Board Member Since: 9/2016
Term end date: March 2019

Vice President

Katie Musolff – Nurse Practitioner
Marshfield Clinic

Board Member Since: 6/2016
Term End Date: 3/2019


Tom Koss – Certified Financial Planner
Cornerstone Advisors

Board Member Since: 4/2012
Term End Date: 3/2019


Dan Sheldon
Mepps – Sheldon’s Inc.

Board Member Since: 8/2017
Term End Date: 8/2018

Board Member

Tara Guelzow – Attorney
Sommer, Olk, Schroeder, Payant

Board Member Since: 6/2010

Board Member

Anna Barth

Board Member Since: 5/2018

Board Member

Theresa Schroeder– Self Employed

Board Member Since: 12/2018

Board Member

Jenny Schlundt

Board Member Since: 12/2018 Former Board Member

Board Member

Tonya McKenna-Trabant 

Board Member Since: 2/2019

Board Member

TJ Beck – EMT/Firefighter
City of Antigo

Board Member Since: 5/2018

Committees & Committee Members

Boys & Girls Club of Langlade County

Resource Development Committee

Tom Koss – Chair –  Cornerstone Advisors

Brian Millar – CoVantage Credit Union

Katie Musolff – Marshfield Clinic

Shaughn Novy – Black Hawk Hill

Anna Barth

Dan Sheldon – Mepps


Marketing Committee

Molly Held- Chair – MC Festivals

Kim McCann – The Bay At Eastview

Melissa Wilhem – CoVantage Credit Union

Chad Cornelius – 360 Media

Finance Committee

Dan Sheldon – Chair – Mepps 

Tom Koss – Cornerstone Advisors

Brian Millar – CoVantage Credit Union

Board Development Committee

Brian Millar Chair CoVantage Credit Union

Tara Guelzow – Sommer, Olk & Payant


Safety Committee

 Tami Stueck- Chair – Volm Companies

TJ Beck – City of Antigo Fire Department

Dave Corcoran Club Director

Tara Guelzow – Sommer, Olk & Payant

Facilities Committee

Brian Millar- Chair CoVantage Credit Union

Steve Frei – Menards

Cabin Fever

Ang Sheldon
Luann Barske
Molly Held
Laurie Packard 
Jenny Schlundt
Anna Barth 
Katie Musolff




The Boys & Girls Club aims to develop young people’s capacity to engage in positive behaviors that nurture their own well-being, set personal goals and live successfully as self-sufficient adults.


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