Board Of Directors

Boys & Girls Club of Langlade County


Brian Millar

CoVantage Credit Union
Board Member Since: 9/2016
Term end date: March 2018

Vice President

Katie Musolff – Nurse Practitioner
Marshfield Clinic

Board Member Since: 6/2016
Term End Date: 3/2018


Tom Koss – Certified Financial Planner
Koss Financial

Board Member Since: 4/2012
Term End Date: 3/2018


Dan Sheldon
Mepps – Sheldon’s Inc.

Board Member Since: 8/2017
Term End Date: 8/2018

Board Member

Molly Held – Sales Associate
NRG Media

Board Member Since: 2/2015
Former BGCLC Board Member

Board Member

Rick Kotecki – Owner
Whitetails & Woodland Management

Board Member Since: 10/2014
Former BGCLC Board Member

Board Member

Tara Guelzow – Attorney
Sommer, Olk, Schroeder, Payant

Board Member Since: 6/2010

Board Member

Kim McCann – District Sales Manager

Board Member Since: 1/2015
Former BGCLC Executive Director

Board Member

Tami Stueck – HR Manager
Volm Companies

Board Member Since: 1/2016

Board Member

Shaughn Novy – Retired
Former owner of the Antigo Area Shoppers Guide & Wisconsin Deals

Board Member Since: 6/2016
Former BGCLC Board Member

Committees & Committee Members

Boys & Girls Club of Langlade County

Resource Development Committee

Tom Koss – Chair – Koss Financial

Brian Millar – CoVantage Credit Union

Katie Musolff – Marshfield Clinic

Shaugn Novy

Jack Anderson

Marketing Committee

Kim McCann- ChairAVON

Chad CorneliusSearch360

Molly Held – NRG Media

Melissa Wihlem – CoVantage CU

David Harris – Teen Services Coordinator

Finance Committee

John Bandsma – Chair – Whitetails & Woodland Management

Dan Sheldon – Mepps

Rita Stowe –Langlade Hospital

Board Development Committee

 Rita Stowe- Chair – Langlade Hospital

Tara Guelzow – Sommer, Olk, Schroeder, Payant

Safety Committee

 Tami Stueck- Chair – Volm Companies

Dave Corcoran – Club Director

Tara Guelzow – Sommer, Olk & Payant

Facilities Committee

Rick Kotecki- Chair – Whitetails & Woodland Management

Steve Frei – Menards

Corks, Forks & Brews

Ang Sheldon
Luann Barske

Kelly Gray – Packard
Molly Held
Laurie Packard
Shaughn Novy



Be Great 5K Color Run/Walk

Heather McCann
Melissa Wihelm
Sarah Repp

The Boys & Girls Club aims to develop young people’s capacity to engage in positive behaviors that nurture their own well-being, set personal goals and live successfully as self-sufficient adults.

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