Through Nestlé’s support, the National Fitness Challenge will enable Clubs to host fitness competitions for kid and teen members, to encourage a competitive spirit and challenge members to achieve tangible fitness goals.


“We are excited to launch our National Fitness Competition with the Boys & Girls Clubs today,” said Paul Grimwood, chief executive officer of Nestlé USA. “Childhood obesity is a growing problem, and we are working hard to help reverse the trend with programs that promote physical activity and nutrition education. We’re thrilled to partner with the Boys & Girls Clubs in this journey.”

Clubs will host their local competitions each fall and spring with activities that are broken out by gender, age group and various levels of competition. By the program’s third year, the National Fitness Competition is expected to reach 500 Clubs, engaging a total of 50,000 young people.

“Creating a culture of health and wellness is critical as we work to enable our Clubs’ kids and teens to have a great future. With more than 3 out of 10 kids today considered obese or overweight, Boys & Girls Clubs of America is laser focused on providing a variety of health and fitness programs that change this equation for the next generation,” said Jim Clark, president & CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of America. “Thanks to partners like Nestlé, we’re helping kids learn about fitness, being physically active and how this can increase their self-confidence and ability to achieve their goals.”

A longtime supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs locally, Nestlé and BGCA announced a three-year national partnership in April 2015. In addition to the expanded partnership, Nestlé also provides local volunteer support to Clubs around the country. The program complements much of Nestlé’s work in nutrition education at the community level, including a partnership with the National Education Association Healthy Futures to provide nutrition curriculum to K-6 educators and the students they serve.

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